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Impact of Metal Tin Can


Through the investigation of consumer behavior and packaging relations, two findings were obtained. Find one: Good design is often the perfect unity of shelf visual effects and convenience; Discovery II: Most people think that packaging will cause pollution, but consumers do not think this is a problem when they actually buy.
According to statistics of the European Iron and Steel Federation in 2004, the total demand for tinplate packaging market in the world totaled 16.2 million tons, with a total supply of 15.7 million tons, and the total demand was slightly greater than the total supply. The market applications of European steel packaging materials are foodstuffs, with the top three being 53% in food cans, 17% in general-purpose cans, 15% in beverage cans, 8% in box lids, and 5% in aerosol cans. Other 2%. The distribution and scale of metal packaging in developed countries in Europe is a good "mirror" for the development of metal packaging in China.
As we all know, metal packaging containers have the advantages of high strength, good rigidity, and not easy to break, excellent barrier properties, gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, light-shielding properties, and good sealing properties, and can well protect the contents. Metal material printing performance is good, the appearance of bright and beautiful appearance, eye-catching. Metal containers can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as round, oval, square, horseshoe, trapezoidal, etc., which not only meet the packaging needs of different products, but also makes the packaging containers more diverse and promotional.
Looking at the current domestic metal packaging styles, it is still based on a single cylindrical can, which is in contrast with many foreign style cans, embossed cans, light cans, safety insurance cans, paste easy to open cans and other rich style products there is a great contrast . In addition, the introduction of more, with less independent intellectual property rights, so that China's metal packaging industry's sustainable development capacity is constrained. Most foreign metal packaging advocates innovation and expansion, while domestic ones are relatively traditional and conservative.
Metal packaging can be divided into the following three categories according to the application characteristics of the final product:
Storage package.
Mainly used in large-capacity packaging packaging cans, or for export packaging materials, or for secondary processing of product packaging, for transport turnover purposes.
Promotional packaging.
As the name implies, it is placed on supermarket shelves for consumers to buy goods. In order to attract consumers' attention, such packaging often has a beautiful “face” that allows people to differentiate from other products through packaging styles or colors. The precondition for attracting consumers is to make them feel beautiful.
Decorative packaging.
For example, many candy cans are in this category. In addition to having a good package appearance, it is more important to have decorating features. For example, a candy package as a gift needs to show a precious and harmonious quality; and a package that has special significance as a souvenir needs to express its uniqueness from appearance and color; for example, products listed on various holidays, Its packaging should not only echo the festival festive and peaceful atmosphere, but also show the gift trend of the package.
In short, no matter what the occasion, metal packaging should show its unique temperament with other packaging styles, such as paper, plastic, glass and other materials, to bring about different kinds of visual impact and sensory effects. With the improvement of the quality of life of the people, people's awareness of the storage of metal packaging is gradually weakening, and the decorative demand for metal packaging is increasing.
When it comes to the design concept of metal packaging, it mainly considers environmental protection, humanization and cultural values.
Nowadays, more and more consumers are paying more attention to the more convenient, safer and more varied packaging when they purchase their own products. Another big concern is whether the “clothing” of these products will bring environmental protection to the environment. Contamination shows that people's concept of "green packaging" is becoming clear. The metal packaging material can be degraded and can be reused. Another important advantage is that in the packaging chain, the metal packaging reflects a unique sense of luxury due to its high-grade materials and exquisite decoration quality. Therefore, after use, empty cans can also be used for other purposes, such as tea boxes, stationery boxes, piggy banks, and even gift boxes. Such as Shanghai Shenfeng's 9-packed chocolate "Day / Night Shanghai", using a flat design, each piece of chocolate is also flat inside, after the candy is eaten, metal packaging can also be used as a stationery box, very memorable.
Humanization is "people-oriented." Reflected on metal packaging, it is easy to carry, pick up, store, and easy to open and transport. At the same time, it reduces the cost of packaging and highlights the characteristics of “smaller, thinner and more economical”.
This is also the difference that the metal packaging can bring to the contents. The metal packaging has always had a heavy texture and a brilliant decoration, especially in the gift box packaging of sweets. Some candies are packaged in a set of boxes to make the products appear neat and tidy on the shelf and have a strong visual impact.
Nowadays, gift boxes for metal packaging in the country are mainly based on festivals, celebrations and commemorative events. Such as the fiery wedding market in 2006, but also to the candy metal packaging have a chance to play. Different styles of candy packaging can be used as gifts for friends and family members, or gifts presented by companies and business partners. In short, the decorative effect of metal packaging is determined mainly by the content. In addition to the functions of protection and storage, beautification and publicity, the metal packaging of candies also reflects the value of the contents and the sense of deliciousness, and has the effect of “transmitting gifts”. For example, Shanghai Guanshengyuan, a commemorative “big white rabbit chocolate” metal gift box specially launched to celebrate Taiwan and Shanghai’s first-time navigation, adopts a violin-shaped exterior design with a beautiful curve and perfectly combines the classical style of Shanghai and Taiwan’s fashion.
As far as the gift packaging of candy packaging is concerned, the emphasis is on enhancing the visual impact and convenience of packaging shelves; at the same time, it is also necessary to reduce resource consumption and increase the recycling of products. Therefore, some innovative material technologies, printing technologies, and welding systems Can technology, open cap technology came into being. Mainly reflected in the following three trends:
Metal packaging manufacturing industry has always faced great resource pressure and environmental pressure. At the same time, it should reject the over-packaging of manufacturers and consumers. Nowadays, packaging materials are all developing towards light weight, material saving, and reduction of resource consumption. While meeting the promotional needs of metal packaging, it is also necessary to continuously coordinate with the use of environmental resources and reduce resource consumption (satisfy 4R ~ 1D Reduce Packaging Reduction, Reuse Packaging Recycling, Recycle Packaging Recycling, Recover New Value, Degradable Packaging Materials The biodegradable and packaging life cycle assessment (LCA) is actively developing the design concept of green packaging in accordance with the requirements of reducing environmental pollution and conserving natural resources. Such as the use of coated iron laser welding of aerosol cans with a new type of tank, the thickness of only 0.14mm, more lightweight, save the material, pressure resistance from the original 12 to 18 bar to 34 bar. The opening method of tinplate cans has also evolved from the original need to develop tools to cans, and to today's sticky, easy-to-remove lids, in a lightweight and convenient manner.
Today's metal packaging increasingly calls for reduced design, cost savings, and ergonomic structural designs such as portability and ease of opening. If people feel more comfortable and more humanized, they will be able to introduce packaging structures that are more suitable for the elderly and children.
In addition, different packaging should attract buyers with different selling points, through a personalized packaging design, combined with multi-sensory printing effects, such as the use of rugged, strong feel of the container, such as the color of the Indian iron products, three-dimensional strong The high-fidelity, high-definition printing technology and laser printing technology can make the metal packaging show a colorful charm. For special products introduced during the festive season, we must be able to reflect the profound cultural connotations through special packaging design and decoration techniques.
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